Anchor -Sophos Safeguard Alternative

Advanced File Encryption, Simplified.

We encrypt files, but we do so much more – Anchor protects your files using a 3-prong approach: encrypt the file, continually verify access, and log an immutable audit trail.

Our patented, end-to-end encryption solution empowers businesses of all sizes to secure their most sensitive file data.

Anchor’s file encryption engine mitigates risk for both in-house and cloud storage providers, baking in impenetrable layers of encryption at the file-level. Bespoke, turnkey and deployable in minutes, Anchor helps companies experience advanced data security at a cost-effect price point.

Anchor vs. Sophos Safeguard

sophos safeguard alternative- Anchor

Introducing Anchor- Your Solution to Security

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No Disruption to Your Existing Workflow

Anchor is affordable and deployable in MINUTES!

Modern businesses face a constant array of cyber threats. Protecting your valuable data is essential, so many organizations turn to complex layers of data security.

Traditional IT controls focus on securing networks and devices. However, these measures often come at the expense of their people. When files are moved, shared or stolen, a company’s data is compromised. Worse still, these controls disrupt end user workflow, often to a point where they’ll actively work to evade them. We believe security should never come at the cost of efficiency.

Anchor’s security measures are transparent to end users and require no workflow changes to how you use applications or share files

The only time an end user is aware of our software is when they violate permissions, such as accessing files from a personal computer. Through an unprecedented combination of encryption, continuous multi-factor access control and a digital chain of custody, we’ve developed a SaaS file encryption tool that does its job without disrupting yours.

Self-Protecting Data vs. DLP

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has been the industry standard for safeguarding data. But a DLP strategy leaves common industry and line-of-business applications exposed. A DLP strategy protects files at the expense of a business’s networks, devices and people. Because of that, more than 35% of large DLP implementations are unsuccessful. 

Self-Protecting Data is Anchor’s response to the failures of DLP.

Why Anchor?


deployable in minutes

User Transparency

security measures are baked-in and run silently in the background

Cost Effective

with minimal implementation or maintenance resources required


Data Protection In All States

Encrypted at rest, in transit, and even in use

Trusted by

File Security in 3 Steps

Choose what you want to protect

Pick who you want to access it

Select how you want them to access it

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Persistent and Transparent Encryption

Anchored data is self–protecting. Each Anchored file is individually FIPS-validate encrypted at rest, in transit, and even in use (saving does not generate plain text). In the worst case, if files are stolen, they would never display more than cypher text.

Multi-Factor Access Controls

Our patented HEARTBEAT TECHNOLOGY® constantly verifies access rules in real-time, based on a myriad of data sources such as Active Directory, geo-location, and more. When an access rule is broken, Anchor instantly revokes access. Even while the file is in use. Trust is never assumed, even after a file is open.

Digital Chain of Custody via Forensic Logging

Real-time tracking of sensitive data. Audit trails of each access, including physical location. A true chain of custody for digital data shared internally or outside of your organization- transparency at its finest.

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Real-time tracking of sensitive data. Audit trails of each access, including physical location.