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FenixPyre is priced on a named user basis. Each user that needs to be able to work with Anchored files will require a license.

The minimum amount of users per company is 25.

The only users that need a license are those that need to work with Anchored files. For example, if you are deploying Anchor to protect your CAD designs, you would only need to license people that need to view/edit/print those files, e.g. Engineers.

No. There is no limit to how many files you can protect with FenixPyre. For example, we have a customer with 80 paid users protecting over one million files.

No. You can easily share read-only copies of your Anchored documents with third-parties. No additional licensing is required by you or the third party. This is included in you subscription.

No. You can easily share copies of your secured files with third-parties and allow them to download unsecured copies of that file. No additional licensing is required by you or the third party. This is included in you subscription.

For each user you would like to collaborate with you would add them to your FenixPyre license count. For example, you secure your financial documents and want to securely work with an accounting firm to close your books without losing control of your documents. You would license the designated accountant in your FenixPyre organization.

You can easily enable/disable users as they come and go. Only enabled users will count toward your license count.

Yes. FenixPyre offers volume discounts and different pricing options for large enterprises. Contact Us


It really wasn’t that difficult to choose FenixPyre over other options. It felt like a very easy to use, lightweight product that could get the job done. The Microsoft solution was going to be very expensive. FenixPyre has a more reasonable price point. I also like that I can tell that it continues to improve with every version.

The FenixPyre team was very helpful throughout the whole process. They were more than willing to resolve any problems that might come up. The FenixPyre product wasn’t originally configured to deal with the type of CAD programs that we were using and now it is because they were committed to make it work. I’ve never worked directly with developers of software, but I have to say that it was a very positive experience and I’m sure it’s your team members that made it that way.
Bryant Cherry
Resident Guru at Emersion Design


FENIXPYRE is Simple, Transparent, and Affordable. Click the link below to schedule a demo with our team.