Dark Rhino

The innovation of technologies and new business processes is transforming the cybersecurity conversation from “How do I mitigate and manage risk?” to “How do I leverage cybersecurity to give my company a competitive advantage?” Organizations are challenged to incorporate cybersecurity into their products and services to drive consumer loyalty and growth.

At DRS, we strongly believe that organizations of all sizes should have access to affordable world-class solutions to protect their data, their operations and their reputation.

Thanks to our partnerships and streamlined processes, we strive to be 30% lower than comparable programs or can work in a hybrid model to complement in-house security teams.

Our skilled experts passionately guide our clients through the scoping, implementation and monitoring of comprehensive solutions, suited for multi-cloud environments. No matter the budget or requirements, we deliver tailored offerings to all, regardless of industry type or company size.

Partner with DRS and let us keep your business safe!