Anchor vs. Encryption Tools

Advancing an age-old defense

Encryption Is Not Enough

Where encryption-only solutions fail to protect

You would think that a proven mathematical process for encoding data that has been around since 600 BC would have the chops to defeat modern attackers. But like most security solutions, encryption comes with its own baggage, and some gaps. In fact, the very aspects of encryption that make it strong protection also impede its usability – and its ability to protect data continuously.

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The Anchor security architecture is comprised of a patented combination of technologies and capabilities that work together to amplify the power of encryption – and shore up its inherent weaknesses.

Powerful standard encryption
The Anchor SaaS Platform uses persistent, military-grade FIPS validated encryption to lock down data files. It’s the same standard encryption that the U.S. uses to keep our national secrets safe and easily meets the strict requirements of the DoD CMMC compliance and industry regulations (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.).
Protects the data itself

The goal of encryption is to keep the data safe, but many solutions lock down the assets that surround the data instead. Anchor takes a zero trust approach and protects at the individual file level to make data its own security boundary. So wherever the data file goes and whether it is accessed, shared, stored, or stolen – it remains secure.

Keeps data under your control
Multifactor access controls enable user access to Anchored data files to be role-based and managed centrally. Because data remains under your control, you can shut down access instantly if an employee leaves, a device is stolen, or if there’s a data breach – immediately rendering any files in an unauthorized user’s possession unreadable.
No keys to manage, lose, or steal

Encryption keys are the “key” to accessing encrypted files. But Anchor’s sophisticated key management is centralized and works in the background so that users can access data files with no changes to how they work or the applications they use. No security barriers mean fewer user complaints and fewer attempts at workarounds that can jeopardize security. 

Automated access monitoring

The only time an end user is aware of Anchor protection is when they use data in a way they are not allowed, such as from a home computer. Anchor heartbeat technology automatically verifies access rules in real time and shuts access down if a rule is broken on a file in use. 

Tracks user activity

The Anchor platform’s digital chain of custody technology logs all file transactions centrally. The result enables you to audit and track current and past user access to data files for indicators of malicious activity, including file use and sharing and any transfers of ownership.

Why choose Anchor over an encryption tool?

We’ll give you three BIG reasons:

of organizations use encryption to protect customers’ personal data.

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Encryption alone is not enough to protect against today’s threats. 

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