DLP, Modernized
With Anchor.

Traditional Data Loss Prevention tools combat threats by locking down networks, devices, and people.


We secure data differently, with a method that takes minutes to deploy (and is really simple)

Security in Minutes, Not Months

Developing and deploying DLP security software is a massive undertaking for businesses large and small. Due to the complexity of installation, and immense services requirement, they outsource deployment to DLP solution providers rather than administering in-house.


With Anchor’s zero-trust platform, implementation is possible in minutes, negating complex processes, integrations, and monitoring.


With Anchor, you choose:

What you want to protect

Who gets access

How it can be accessed

Best of all, changes to your infrastructure or business don’t affect your data


The Challenges of DLP Development

DLP development alone is cost and resource intensive. It can take months, often years to identify data sources across an organization’s distributed infrastructure, inventory, and define “sensitive” data and develop secure workflows and processes for data use.

It requires constant monitoring for infrastructure compliance and business changes that may demand adjustments to security policies and controls.


Data Protection Without Workflow Disruption

Traditionally, DLP changes how your people interact with your data, and can even lead to users intentionally finding ways to work around the controls, exposing critical data to increased risk. 

Anchor offers an alternative method with clear benefits that make workflow and internal processes easier to manage. No disruptions. No worries. Protection without gaps.


With Anchor you get:

  • Invisible protection with no impact on user experience

  • Worry-free collaboration - authorized users can access and share files freely and securely

  • Undisturbed workflows through Word, Outlook, Excel, and all other customary business applications

  • Lightweight, hidden data protection that gets business underway, not in the wayr

Protected Data in All States

Data rarely stays still. Is your data protected at all times?


When functioning correctly, DLP restricts confidential data by locking it behind organizational firewalls, preventing users from transmitting it outside of the organization. In endpoints and applications, DLP solutions secure data when in use and encrypt data to protect it while it is in transit across a network. But before DLP takes action, or when it fails, data is exposed and vulnerable, often leaking as plain text instead of ciphertex


dlp is too restrictive image

Zero-trust platform

In comparison, Anchor’s zero-trust platform is encrypted in all states. In transit. In use. And at rest. Therefore, a system breach does not result in a data leak. Intuitive access rules allow for continuous multi-factor access controls, and self-protecting data leaves a digital chain of custody, including logging file-sharing trails. If an employee leaves your company, data access can be immediately revoked, ensuring that your sensitive files remain protected. And the cherry on top? Baked-in security safeguards industry and line-of-business application data including CAD files and source code.

The Advantages are Clear

Learn more about Anchor’s solution to the shortcomings of traditional DLP.

Break Breaches, Not Budgets

At Anchor, we are committed to serving customers of all sizes. We believe in zero-trust data security for small businesses and enterprises alike. At a cost-effective price point that always puts data security first. When you choose Anchor for data security, you’ll:


Drastically reduce costs generally associated with a DLP investment

Experience rapid and seamless deployment, decreasing time and resource allotment

Eliminate training and onboarding for new workflows

Eradicate fine-tuning and continuous monitoring with files protected as your business and infrastructure evolvet

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Real-time tracking of sensitive data. Audit trails of each access, including physical location.