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Data Centric Security Simplified

Every once in a while technology makes a giant leap that changes everything.

Digital communication. We can send information and get an exact replica on the other end without a single error.
The internet. We can send information anywhere in the world, instantly, for free.
The data revolution. We realize that information is our most valuable asset.

Now we have a problem. Our most valuable asset, information, can be sent instantly, anywhere in the world, and we get an exact replica on the other end. Some is meant to be public. Other information is Personal. Private. Confidential. Classified. Sensitive.

We tried to fix this problem by building walls around sensitive data. Only letting in people we trust. Sometimes the people we trust make a mistake. Sometimes they’re not so trustworthy in the first place. Sometimes our walls are breached by an attacker. When sensitive data gets outside the walls, it’s no longer ours. It can be copied, distributed, and abused. We’ve lost control.

We tried blocking people from sending out sensitive data. Quarantining. Data loss prevention. It helped but it was intrusive. It got in our way. And when it didn’t work we still lost control.

Now the world is even more connected. We have oceans of data. Sensitive information is online. Distributed. In the cloud. Data breaches happen more frequently. The problem is spiraling out of control.

But the answer isn’t stronger walls or heavier DLP. The answer is the next giant leap in technology. It’s building protection into the data itself, not the networks and computers that contain it. The answer is data-centric security.

Data-centric security is the solution but it’s difficult. It’s expensive. Even large enterprises are struggling to implement data-centric security. It’s completely out of reach for small and medium size businesses. Until now.

Introducing Anchor. The easy and affordable way to do data-centric security. With Anchor this giant leap in technology becomes simple. It’s easy to use on existing infrastructure without changing the way you do business. It’s affordable, without big up-front costs, so that smaller companies can have state-of-the-art security and meet the ever-increasing compliance requirements for handling sensitive data.

Anchor is a simple solution to the biggest problem we face in technology today. Maintaining control of our most valuable asset in a world that’s connected and distributed. Empowering us to do business with sensitive data without intruding on our way of doing business. Anchor is data-centric security, simplified.

To protect sensitive data you simply anchor it. Anchoring means encrypting it and setting access rules that must be met in order to use it. Once anchored, a file is always encrypted. Even while it’s in use.

A person must meet the access rules in order to use an anchored file, no matter where the file is copied, inside or outside of your network. Access control is not limited to your controlled environment. The security is embedded in the data and travels with it.

When an anchored file is in use a heartbeat is always monitoring, making sure the access rules are still being met. If the access rules are ever broken, even when a file is in use, Anchor automatically shuts it down and scrubs the data from memory. Access is instantly revoked.

As long as they’re following the access rules the experience is seamless to users. They just do business as usual with the same applications they use every day. Nothing changes with the way they do their work.

In addition to the desktop, Anchor provides web and mobile app access to Anchored files. These provide a way to access sensitive data on the go and securely and confidently share it with partners who don’t have Anchor software installed.

Every time an anchored file is used, even copies across the internet, every action is logged providing a detailed and complete audit trail to demonstrate compliance, and as evidence a breach did not occur.

Anchor does not depend on being in a specific environment such as OneDrive. It works universally with cloud platforms such as Egnyte, Box, OneDrive, DropBox, and even your own self-hosted file servers. As a lightweight, software-only solution it’s incredibly easy to deploy and manage.

Find out how your company can use crypto-technology that allows security to travel with the data versus within the confines of our network.

With Anchor, users can collaborate and share sensitive files anywhere, without an organization sacrificing control of their data security. Contact us to see how.