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CMMC Data Protection Made Easy

They defend our freedom. Our country. And our way of life. With the most formidable force on Earth.

But they’re not alone. They have the hardest working, most innovative support system in history. Problem solvers, builders, maintainers, they have you.

In a world where the enemy looks for every opportunity to steal our nation’s secrets, protecting sensitive information is crucial to defending America. The CMMC tackles this challenge head on. And Anchor helps do it without disrupting your business.

Anchor is the easy and affordable way to protect controlled unclassified information for CMMC compliance so that you can get back to doing what you do best, protecting America.
The Department of Defense now requires CMMC for contractors and subcontractors. This means get your cybersecurity in order or you can no longer bid on defense contracts. Anchor helps achieve CMMC compliance without changing the way you operate or disrupting your business.

The CMMC defines 5 levels of cybersecurity maturity at which an organization can be certified. Each level has high level capabilities and detailed practices that must be in place.

Controlled Unclassified Information, or CUI, is sensitive data related to national security and defense that contractors are required to safeguard. Contractors dealing with CUI must be CMMC level 3 certified.

Anchor is an easy, affordable CUI encryption, access control, and auditing tool. It’s your secret weapon for CMMC compliance without requiring dramatic changes to your workflow. Anchor bends over backwards and brings modern security to your existing infrastructure so that you don’t have to bend over backwards for compliance.

Anchor simplifies CMMC compliance by separating data protection and access control from your network and instead provides them independently as a service. In other words, Anchor removes your network from the equation and directly protects the CUI itself.

We call this universal zero trust data security. It means we shrink the attack surfaces all the way down to the CUI itself, protecting it directly with strong encryption and powerfully simple access control. It means you don’t need to rely on complex network security to protect CUI. With Anchor, network security is good to have but the real protection is in the data itself.

Anchor is the universal data access control system. It continues enforcing access control on files even after they’ve been copied, shared or stolen out of your network. With Anchor a network security breach can occur and CUI is still protected. [Access Control (AC)]

Anchor enforces access control every single time a file is viewed or edited. You get an incredibly detailed audit trail of access to your CUI showing who, what, when, where and how those files were touched. [Audit and Accountability (AU)]

Anchor provides powerfully simple access rules that make it easy to manage policies on CUI file access, application-level whitelisting, and intelligent configurations so that CUI is protected by default. [Configuration Management (CM)]

In addition to traditional credential-based authentication, Anchor combines logical and physical attribute-based authentication providing extreme multi-factor that prevents security issues caused by weak or stolen passwords. [Identification and Authentication (IA)]

Anchor provides Access Control as a Service reducing the amount of maintenance work you have to perform to a minimal, easy and secure process. [Maintenance (MA)]

By keeping CUI encrypted all the time, Anchor protects it with persistent encryption reducing reliance on traditional media protection. CUI is always protected at rest, during transmission, and even while in use. When access rules are broken CUI is instantly scrubbed from memory. [Media Protection (MP)]

Protecting CUI when an employee is terminated is easy. Access control is enforced every time a file is opened even after being copied, shared or stolen. Revoke the employee’s access and it no longer matters whether they’ve copied sensitive files. [Personnel Security (PS)]

With Anchor, CUI is always protected with FIPS-validated cryptography. It’s encrypted at rest, during transmission, and even while in use. Access control is enforced every single time CUI is viewed or edited preventing unauthorized or unintended information transfer. [System Communications and Protection (SC)]

Anchor provides universal zero-trust data security. Protection and access control continue to be enforced even outside your network making it easier to securely share files with primes and subcontractors.

The CMMC is necessary in the fight to protect America. It may be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Anchor is the easy and affordable way to protect CUI for CMMC compliance so that you can get back to doing what you do best, protecting America.

Find out how your company can use crypto-technology that allows security to travel with the data versus within the confines of our network.

With Anchor, users can collaborate and share sensitive files anywhere, without an organization sacrificing control of their data security. Contact us to see how.