Secure, Efficient CMMC Compliance


Why FenixPyre?

Streamlined Security, Simplified Compliance

FenixPyre's CMMC Compliance Solution focuses on endpoint and file-level protection, unlike traditional solutions with extensive boundary systems. It uses advanced encryption, granular access controls, and continuous monitoring to reduce compliance scope, making it easier and more cost-effective to manage while integrating seamlessly with existing systems for enhanced data protection.

By adopting FenixPyre’s approach, organizations can achieve CMMC compliance more efficiently, focusing their efforts and resources on protecting the most critical elements of their network and data.

Reduce Complexity

FenixPyre encrypted CUI is self- protecting regardless of where it resides. You don’t have to move it to physically or logically segregate it.

Reduce Audit Scope

Only devices enrolled in Anchor have access to Anchored CUI files. When your CUI is Anchored, every other device is out of scope as a CUI asset because it cannot be used to access CUI, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Controlled - CUI

A system or network breach no longer automatically means a data breach. When your CUI is protected with FenixPyre, the data inside the stolen files is 100% safe and secure because your CUI is FIPS- validated encrypted at all times, even while in use. Your CUI is “self protecting,” as defined by DFARS and ITAR’s “encryption rule.”

Rapid Deployment, Seamless Integration


Accelerate your time-to-value by leveraging rapid deployment, which ensures minimal operational impact and allows you to quickly realize the benefits of your investment.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly implement in complex hybrid environments for immediate security enhancement.

Scalable Management

Supports small team deployments, enabling efficient and scalable management.

Compliance Simplification

Reduces compliance efforts to a manageable scope, streamlining regulatory processes.

SaaS Integration

Effortlessly ingest and map monitoring data into your existing SaaS platforms for seamless integration.

CMMC With FenixPyre

how it works

FenixPyre simplifies CMMC compliance through endpoint and file-level protection, utilizing advanced encryption and monitoring to reduce scope and seamlessly integrate with your systems.

External Boundary Reduced to the Endpoint

In a traditional setup, the external boundary includes various perimeter defense mechanisms like firewalls, gateways, and intrusion detection systems. FenixPyre simplifies this by focusing the external boundary solely on the endpoint. This means: Endpoint Protection: The primary defense mechanism becomes the security software and protocols implemented directly on user devices (laptops, desktops, mobile devices). Direct Secure Access: Endpoints have direct and secure access to necessary resources without relying on extensive perimeter defenses. Streamlined Perimeter Security: Reducing the focus on complex external boundary systems (like multiple firewalls and DMZs) simplifies the security architecture, making it easier to manage and audit.

Internal Boundary Reduced to the CUI File

The internal boundary traditionally encompasses a wide range of systems and segments within the network. FenixPyre narrows this down to the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) file itself: File-Centric Security: Security measures are focused directly on the CUI files, regardless of where they are stored or accessed within the network. Data-Centric Policies: Policies and protections are applied at the file level, ensuring that CUI is always secured, monitored, and controlled. Granular Access Controls: Access to CUI files is tightly controlled and monitored, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Benefits of This Approach

Adopting FenixPyre's methodology offers multiple advantages for your organization's data governance and security efforts. By focusing on endpoints and specific files, we streamline the compliance process and enhance protection for your most critical assets.

Reduced Compliance Scope

By narrowing the scope to endpoints and specific files, the number of systems and components requiring compliance is greatly reduced, simplifying the compliance process.

Simplified Management

Fewer components in scope mean less complexity in managing and maintaining compliance.

Enhanced Focus on Critical Data

The approach ensures that the most critical assets (endpoints and CUI files) receive focused and robust protection.

Cost Efficiency

With a more targeted approach, organizations can potentially reduce the costs associated with extensive security infrastructure and compliance efforts.

Ensure CMMC Compliance with FenixPyre

Experience how FenixPyre can simplify your path to CMMC compliance. Schedule a personalized demo to see how our platform enhances data protection, streamlines compliance processes, and supports efficient, secure collaboration within your organization.