CMMC compliance

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CMMC compliance: Imperative to your business and national security

As a defense contractor, you are required by the Department of Defense to achieve Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) in order to bid on defense contracts. Safeguarding sensitive data such as Controlled Unclassified Information, or CUI, from foreign intelligence is critical to national security. But more stringent cybersecurity practices are also imperative to your business.

Your secret weapon to achieving CMMC compliance

Anchor protects the sensitive information you are entrusted with and helps you attain CMMC compliance simply and affordably, AND without changing the way you operate or disrupting your business.

CMMC data protection made easy.

Anchor embeds protection directly into the data, which means that even if the files are moved, shared, or stolen, the data within them is never at risk and stays secure. Anchor protection is invisible and won’t disrupt your business or employees by locking down your networks, devices, or people.

Anchor Security Architecture for CMMC 2.0 is an easy, affordable access control and auditing tool you can install in minutes.

Features include:
  • FIPS-140-2 Validated Cryptography: Microsoft CNG
  • CUI, FCI, and ITAR Content Support
  • CAD, Voice, Video, Office, & Derivative Content
  • Forensics & Threat Response
  • Attribute-Based Multi-factor Access Control
  • Audit & Accountability with File-Level Access Logs
  • Geofencing
  • Mobile Device Support

Anchor your CUI!

With Anchor, you can implement data protection in minutes:
  • Satisfy the 27 CMMC 2.0 controls around data flow
  • Ensure CUI is always encrypted
  • Achieve file-level protection and logging
  • Instantly revoke access to CUI in any location
  • Generate a detailed access audit trail
  • Secure any application, including. CAD, MRP, PDM, and PLM

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

CMMC 2.0 defines 3 levels of cybersecurity maturity at which an organization can be certified. Defense contractors handling (controlled unclassified information) CUI must be at least CMMC level 2 certified. Contractors handling ITAR data may need to be CMMC level 3 certified.


Simplify CMMC – Reduce time, costs and burden

Reduce complexity

Anchored CUI is self-protecting regardless of where it resides. You don’t have to move it to physically or logically segregate it.

Reduce audit scope

Only devices enrolled in Anchor have access to Anchored CUI files. When your CUI is Anchored, every other device is out of scope as a CUI asset because it cannot be used to access CUI, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Bulletproof CUI

A system or network breach no longer automatically means a data breach. When your CUI is Anchored, the data inside the stolen files is 100% safe and secure because your CUI is FIPS-validated encrypted at all times, even while in use. Your CUI is “self-protecting,” as defined by DFARS and ITAR’s “encryption rule.”

Streamline incident response

Responding to breaches can be costly. When CUI is Anchored, you can generate a log of every successful file access during a breach within minutes and with the click of a button, meeting the DFARS-7012 72-hour requirement for reporting the breach scope to DIBNet.

Why Anchor for CMMC compliance?

  • Achieve compliance without dramatic changes to your workflow.
  • Bring affordable modern security to your existing infrastructure
  • Simplify your system architecture – Keep CUI in Anchor-protected files instead of a complex system of networks and computers
  • Shrink the attack surface down to the CUI itself by protecting it directly with strong encryption and powerfully simple access control.


Learn about the Anchor Security Architecture for CMMC 2.0

This quick guide outlines CMMC requirements, provides examples of how Anchor works in various IT infrastructures and offers a detailed mapping exercise illustrating the domains and subdomains covered by the Anchor platform.

View the Anchor CMMC 2.0 Share Responsibility Matrix and Controls Mapping Spreadsheet

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