Anchor your Egnyte

Secured access and no-download folder collaboration over Egnyte Cloud Store

Egnyte users can now secure all files, in and outside of Egnyte’s cloud through the seamless integration of Anchor encryption software. Full integration with Egnyte Connect on Desktop, Mobile and Cloud.

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Reliable File Management

Secure Access and Sharing

Egnyte Integration Partner

Embedded security for Egnyte folders and files

Anchor, a trusted Egnyte Integration Partner, unifies the security across multiple cloud and on-prem file storage platforms and keeps the files protected in and outside of Egnyte. Collaborate via Egnyte, in and out of Egnyte environment, without worrying about compromising your data security.

Anchor’s folder sharing capability extends the protection for 3rd party access: partners can edit secured files without the ability to download. Further, all actions on files are logged in real time.

Basic Package

Anchor folder share on Egnyte

Simply activate Anchor from the App Store for secure collaboration on folders and files
Share folder with one click
Add protection and add restricted access via email for the external collaborator to edit the files
Authorized users can access the folder at Anchor’s secure platform.
External collaborators can edit MS Office, PDF, Image, and Video files via Anchor’s secure editing platform.

 No download allowed

No copy-paste content outside of the platform

Fully web-based experience

All activity on the files are monitored and logged, in real time. Activity logs can be viewed by the owner of the file with one-click.

Add Secure Folder Sharing

If you need secure collaboration with folders in your existing Egnyte workflow, contact us for more information or a 14 day trial.

Premium Package

Anchor Full Protection on Egnyte

Anchor Suite covers Egnyte Connect on Cloud + Desktop + Mobile App

Integrated via Egnyte Connect cloud user interface, Anchor provides protection to files with automated FIPS encrypted access and sharing of files
Transparent access to FIPS encrypted files, directly from the desktop. No change in workflows and the use of native applications, including MS Office, Adobe, CAD, Image, Video, etc.
Secure access to Office, PDF, Image, and Video files from Anchor Mobile App
Full control of files from the Administrative Dashboard. General access analytics, audit reporting, and full revocation capability for users. Access rules that can be set includes US boundaries (ITAR, CMMC), Wi-Fi Routers, AD user groups, etc.

Get Ultimate Data Protection

Full deployment support, user and admin training available. Free trial period for 14 days and deployment fee waived with annual subscription. For more information or to schedule a demo, reach out to us

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Sensitive Data? Anchor It™

Anchor takes Egnyte to the next level of security with zero-knowledge storage. This means Egnyte can safely store your most sensitive files without ever having access, which eliminates the possibility of Anchor-protected data being compromised even if a security breach occurs in Egnyte. With Egnyte + Anchor you get the best of Egnyte’s ultra-reliable cloud and Anchor’s ultra-secure data protection in one convenient package.

Sometimes sensitive files need to be taken out of Egnyte for desktop work or collaboration with others. With Egnyte + Anchor your data is still protected even after being exported and shared.

When your environment uses multiple cloud platforms and/or on-premise storage Anchor provides unified security and access control, so you aren’t forced to manage files separately for each platform. It’s the universal file access control system.

Anchor provides a more secure way to shares files and folders with third parties through the web. Shared files can be edited through the web by collaborators without allowing downloading, saving, or printing.

Anchor protects your data from both outside attacks and bad decisions made by insiders. It keeps files with confidential information encrypted and embeds powerfully simple rules to ensure they’re only opened as intended. Get started today by contacting us at [email protected].

Datanchor Provides Compliance with CMMC Certification

With Anchor the “system” is the set of Anchor-protected files containing CUI. Anchor simplifies CMMC compliance by reducing the system boundary from a complex architecture of networks and computers to a narrow set of anchored files. Minimizing the attack surface with Anchor zero-trust data security means an attacker being on the same network or even on the same computer as CUI does not expose it to them.

Quick Guide For CMMC Compliance

This document provides a comprehensive overview of CMMC Level 2 (based on  and NIST 800-171 controls mapping that DAtAnchor. This guide will be your key to success in achieving CMMC compliance with Anchor.

Anchor Security Architecture For CMMC

This brief introduction to the basic CMMC requirements provides examples of IT infrastructures and how Achor fits in each. We provide a detailed mapping exercise illustrating the domains and subdomains covered by the Anchor platform.

Learn How NIST Supports Manufacturers

The integration of physical production and digital technologies has forever transformed the factory floor, but small manufacturers have often failed to protect their investments in these new technologies with a comparable investment in cybersecurity. 

Find out how your company can use crypto-technology that allows security to travel with the data versus within the confines of our network.

With Datanchor, users can collaborate and share sensitive files anywhere, without an organization sacrificing control of their data security. Contact us to see how.